Our Mission : Simplifying Problems, Delivering Excellence

GreatWorxs has a simple yet profound mission: to put technology at the center of the enterprise by simplifying problems and solving them to deliver a great experience. In a rapidly evolving digital consulting landscape, this mission speaks volumes about their commitment to ensuring their customers’ success.
At GreatWorxs, our mission isn’t just a statement; it’s a commitment etched into our DNA. We’re dedicated to placing technology at the heart of enterprises, transforming complexity into simplicity while delivering unparalleled excellence. In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, our mission resonates deeply, emphasizing our unwavering dedication to ensuring our customers’ triumph.

The GreatWorxs Story

Our journey began with a singular goal: to empower enterprises in their technological evolution. Over time, GreatWorxs has evolved into a beacon of trust within the industry. We comprehend the hurdles posed by digital workplace services and the incessantly shifting threat panorama. To counter these challenges, we provide meticulously curated solutions, empowering customers to innovate and embrace new technologies. This transformation makes us an indispensable partner and the best software company in Mumbai, offering comprehensive IT security and automation coverage.

A Part of a Technology Consortium

GreatWorxs is not alone in this endeavor. They are part of a technology consortium that deals with multiple facets of technology. As a group, they service over 200 customers in areas like Data Centre solutions, Network Solutions, Cloud solutions, End Point Solutions, and Managed IT Services, among others.

Meet the Visionaries : GreatWorxs Executive Leadership (Our Team)

GreatWorxs owes its success to visionary leaders with decades of experience in the global IT industry. These leaders are well-equipped to address your technology challenges and ensure your business outcomes are predictable, reportable, cost-effective, efficient and secure. The founders, Amit, Mangesh and Sanjay, bring a wealth of experience to the table.

As a founder of COMnet, Sanjay started his journey 23+ years back in Mumbai, post his sales stint in HP. COMnet, over the years, has transformed its business with a focus on Global clients and Global delivery centers. Sanjay has been felicitated multiple times for his achievements over the years. In the ever-evolving technology industry, COMnet has been a very relevant solutions provider for the last few decades. The COMnet team takes pride in delivering the desired value to benefit the end customer. We as a team, work efficiently to achieve excellence in every domain.

Sanjay Divekar
Mangesh Pardeshi

As a founder of COMnet, and his journey of 23 + successful years, his emphasis has always been to make sure that he helps clients to reduce the TCO & get the desired ROI for the best-in-class solutions designed by certified COMnet team members. His beliefs and pursuit have always been to exceed the expectations of our customers and give them the best customer experience in terms of sales, technology solutions & support. Mangesh has been felicitated multiple times by media houses and his passion for excellence has been a hallmark that has driven COMnet in the right direction.

Has over two decades of professional experience in leadership positions across different industries and verticals in supply chain management and finance. His past stints have been in global leadership roles, crafting strategies around transformation. and operational excellence in finance and procurement. Shailesh has received several accolades for contributing to the digital transformation of the overall supply. chain in the multiple organizations he has served and from independent media houses. He has been a trusted mentor to his colleagues in navigating the ever-changing technology landscape. His current passion is to provide solutions to customers in their technology journey. such that they can realize their hidden potential and achieve greater success.

Shailesh Thanki
Dhiraj Gidwani

Has been a technology leader with leading organizations for over 20 years, serving in Global IT and ITES. He has extensive experience in IT Operations, Security Solutions, global networks, IT security and compliance, and infrastructure modernization. As in his current role Dhiraj will be crafting solutions for our global customers and managing global IT operations, IT security, global networks, software development and automation.