Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

With GreatWorxs’s managed IT services, every aspect of your technology environment will benefit from custom-tailored IT support delivered with meticulous attention to detail by a team known for exceptional customer service skills and engineering expertise.

Managed IT Support

Our end-to-end managed IT services solution, MaxCare, includes 24x7x365 HelpDesk support, ongoing network monitoring, and proactive maintenance to resolve problems before they impact your business. We take a unique strategic approach, designing systems with your organization’s goals in mind, and managing them with an eye toward your success.

IT Help Desk Services

GreatWorxs’s professional HelpDesk team is highly trained, fully certified, and available at any time of day or night. Our IT support staff provides services to clients in remote. For our helpful staff of professionals, neither a simple question nor a complex problem is too difficult.

Business Continuity IT Services

Your critical data and intellectual property will be safeguarded by our comprehensive, proactive backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity solutions even in the worst-case scenarios, such as cyberattacks, natural disasters, and widespread outages. To provide you complete piece of mind, we provide completely managed options.

IT Security Consulting

As security threat hunting is a proactive approach is evolving, it is becoming more sophisticated and dangerous. However, GreatWorxs’s managed IT security services can help you reduce these risks. We provide comprehensive and real-time security based on the latest threat intelligence. Additionally, we offer in-depth evaluations and guidance to assist you in meeting specific compliance requirements.

Cloud Services

Whether you need the customization and control that private cloud infrastructure offers or you’re looking for a cost-effective public cloud solution, GreatWorxs can design the perfect fully-managed cloud computing environment for your business needs. We can help with both the initial and continuing management of cloud security and configuration.

Professional Services

Whether you’re looking to modernize your IT infrastructure, reap the benefits of cloud computing, or pull ahead of competitors with software that’s specially designed to delight your customers, GreatWorxs can help. 

Network Systems Engineering

Our network and systems engineers have outstanding expertise in every aspect of IT architecture. They are prepared to put their expertise and abilities to work for you by creating reliable, effective systems that will help your company succeed.

Cloud Migration Services

Our network and systems engineers have outstanding expertise in every aspect of IT architecture. They are prepared to put their expertise to work for you by creating reliable, effective solutions that will help your company succeed.

Disaster Recovery Services

Leverage our comprehensive cloud disaster recovery platform or allow us to architect a customized solution designed according to your unique requirements. GreatWorxs takes a proactive approach to data recovery planning – one that’s informed by years of real-world experience and industry best practices.

Custom Software Development

GreatWorxs’s team of expert software developers has written applications, business management, and analytic tools, websites, and software connectors to facilitate the movement of data across organizations. When off-the-shelf solutions aren’t the best fit, we deliver custom software that will suit your individual needs perfectly.

IT Strategy

Are you utilizing your company’s technological assets to their fullest potential? Is your IT infrastructure designed to contribute to the overall success of the business? Or drive it? Here at GreatWorxs, we take great pride in our unique IT strategy and planning approach to managed IT services for small business. Allow us to demonstrate how you can cut expenses, lessen risks, and be prepared for the future.

IT Strategy Services

The Elevated Strategy Platform (ESP), a software program, provides guidance for our strategic planning sessions. ESP collects information from all facets of your company, monitors the continuing health of your IT ecosystem, and directs our strategic roadmapping meetings.

vCIO Services

Your company will receive constant strategic direction, professional counsel, and thorough cost and risk evaluations from your virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO). Using Technology consulting as efficiently as possible will help your overall IT strategy better support your company’s objectives.

IT Compliance Services

In addition to being necessary, keeping compliance with pertinent regulatory standards can increase your understanding of the security and risk profile of your company. GreatWorxs can facilitate formal assessments, audits, penetration testing, and gap analysis – giving you valuable insights into your current security posture that can help steer your future planning.

Security Maturity Level Assessment

Our security maturity level assessment informs you how your security compares to industry standards, and what steps can be taken to boost your resilience.

Technical IT Assessment

GreatWorxs conducts comprehensive technical assessments that include a detailed evaluation of your current IT infrastructure as well as analysis of your goals, challenges, and budget. It’s a crucial first step in developing a proactive future plan.


What are Managed IT Services?
Managed IT Services refer to information technology tasks and processes that are outsourced to a third-party organization, known as a Managed Service Provider (MSP). These services can include network monitoring, cybersecurity, data backup, helpdesk support, and more. MSPs offer these services to businesses on a subscription basis, allowing them to access professional IT support and expertise without the need for an in-house IT team.
What are the key benefits of Managed IT Services?
Managed IT Services offer several advantages, including : Cost Savings: SMBs can access IT support at a lower cost compared to maintaining an internal IT team. Subscription-based models allow businesses to scale their services as needed. Expert Knowledge: MSPs provide expertise in areas like cybersecurity, compliance, and technology trends, reducing a client’s risk and keeping their IT infrastructure up-to-date. Dependable Service: MSPs offer reliable, 24/7 support, and Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) ensure clear expectations and consistent service. Focus on Core Business: Outsourcing IT tasks allows businesses to concentrate on core activities, such as business development and growth.
How do Managed IT Services benefit small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs)?
SMBs benefit from Managed IT Services by gaining access to professional IT support without the overhead of maintaining an internal IT team. This cost-effective approach allows them to compete with larger enterprises and ensures the reliability and security of their IT infrastructure.
What services do MSPs typically offer?
Managed Service Providers offer a range of services, including: Network Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of IT systems to identify and resolve issues proactively. Cybersecurity: Protecting against evolving threats, ensuring compliance, and offering expertise in cybersecurity best practices. Data Backup and Disaster Recovery: Creating backup systems and strategies to safeguard data and minimize downtime in case of disasters. Helpdesk Support: Providing technical assistance to end-users to resolve IT-related issues. Cloud Services: Offering cloud solutions, such as infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS), tailored to business needs.
Can Managed IT Services help with remote work and mobile device management?
Yes, Managed IT Services can assist businesses in managing remote work environments and implementing mobile device management (MDM) solutions. MSPs ensure that remote employees have secure access to company resources and provide MDM to monitor, manage, and secure mobile devices.
How do I get started with Managed IT Services for my business?
To get started with Managed IT Services, you can reach out to a reputable MSP like GreatWorxs. They will assess your business’s IT needs, provide tailored service options, and help you implement the right solutions to support your technology infrastructure and business goals.